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46,1% of Internet users visit websites via smartphones
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Add Clicktex to your website and increase mobile traffic conversion by 70%

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Share of mobile users in our clients' traffic


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Popular widgets of july

For your Clictex panel there are many effective mobile widgets developed specifically for every business area


Opens any page you want on your website

Installations: 10411

Direct Call

One click call to your company via smartphone

Installations: 6548


The widget paves the route to your office

Installations: 6973


Opens a popup menu with various widgets

Installations: 4939

Live Chat

Intergration with your live chat service

Installations: 754


Callback requests from your visitors

Installations: 158


Opens your company's Linkedin group page

Installations: 364


Calls or opens chat with your company using WhatsApp

Installations: 295


Opens your company's Instagram account

Installations: 368


Appointment with a specialist

Installations: 105


Opens your company's Facebook group page

Installations: 212


Calls or opens chat with your company using Viber

Installations: 104


Inform your clients about your promotions

Installations: 107

Test Drive

Arrange a test drive or service appointment

Installations: 52


Opens chat with your company using Telegram

Installations: 56

Your Goal

New! Target Pointer

We created the Clicktex TargetPointer system which is able to independently lead visitors to your goals. Just specify them after setting the panel.

Clicktex value

Why is it worth using Clicktex even if you are sure of your website

Higher Conversion

Clicktex doesn’t just instantly adapt websites for smartphones but it makes them work effectively with mobile audience

Just What You Need

We study hundreds of websites of our clients every month and we know exactly what a visitor needs when he uses a smartphone

It Is Stable

We constantly monitor new browser versions and automatically update the panel so that everything works correctly

Free until 01.08.24

Add Clicktex now and get 7 days of product testing on your website

All analytics are in your account

Desired actions, conversions, visit sources, UTM and more

Ads Manager

Standard and custom conversions tracking for Facebook Pixel and SDK


Set up goals in Yandex.Metric and get conversion information for Clicktex

Google Analytics

Support for sending goal achievement events to Google Analytics and Universal Analytics

Clicktex Enterprise Solutions

Clicktex platform is adapted to all segments: from small businesses to corporations


Configure various widgets for visitors from different regions

Form & Page Editors

Create your own effective informers, mobile pages, application forms and quizzes

Call Tracking

Synchronization of phone numbers with an active call tracking system


Set up different buttons, promotions and goals for new and returned visitors

Schedule Settings

During off-hours and weekends you can hide some buttons and show others

URL Filters

Various buttons and panels display on different pages of your website

Using another service?

There are 3 reasons why it is profitable to use Clicktex


While other services were developed for PC users, Clicktex does an excellent job with mobile audience


Increasing conversions for mobile audience seriously affects profits which justifies the parallel use of Clicktex


Clicktex works great with most services, integrating them into the panel and clearing the smartphone screen from cluttering up widgets

Clicktex free trial from 25.07.24 to 01.08.24

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